9 Month Update + What We Use

It’s hard to believe we already have a nine month old on our hands! I wish I could make time slow down, because the first year is just flying by. This past month has been quite an adventure as Shiloh became MUCH more mobile. She finally started crawling on her hands and knees and decided she was also ready to pull herself up to stand. I find we have our hands full just trying to keep up with her. She is a fantastic eater, a fearless climber, and still the most friendly baby I’ve ever known.

Life with an infant is constantly changing, and I am always googling questions about feeding, sleeping, development, play, etc. I wanted to take a moment to give you some insight into our schedule at 9 months and what products / baby gear we are currently loving.


I feel like this is an area I was not expecting so much movement in. For some reason, I thought we would find a good rhythm and stick with it. Hah! Babies needs are ever evolving as they grow and change. Our current schedule is roughly as follows:

8:00am – Wake, breakfast, then a 6oz bottle
10:00am- Nap (usually 2 hours if all goes well)
12:00pm- Lunch, then a 6oz bottle
2:00pm- Snack
3:00pm- Nap
5:00pm- 6oz bottle
6:00pm- Dinner as a family
7:30pm- Begin bedtime routine (bath, lotion, book), 6oz bottle
8:00pm- Bedtime

Our Everyday Must-Haves

  • We keep a Pack n Play in the living room to give Shiloh a safe space for independent play during the day. I fill it with a few toys I know she enjoys (and an empty formula can because that’s obviously the best of them all).
  • If you haven’t invested in a good stroller yet, do it now! Ours gets used just about everyday- whether for afternoon walks or trips to the store. I love this modular stroller from Hello Mockingbird.
  • This Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker keeps her entertained longer than anything else we have! I’m sure we will get a lot of use out of it.
  • Shiloh loves these stacking cups! An added bonus: they’re so pretty I don’t mind when they end up all over my floor. 😉
  • I’ll throw in a few of our favorite feeding supplies here. This bib, these silicone spoons that double as teethers, and our trusty Dr. Brown’s Silicone Feeder.
  • While on the subject of feeding, this is our highchair. I love its simplicity and how easy it is to clean. We customized it with a silicone placemat and cushion cover from Yeah Baby Goods.

I am enjoying this stage so much! Shiloh already has so much personality and is full of such spirit and curiosity. It’s a ton of fun watching her explore and engage with the world around her.

By Regan Kraus

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